Silver Hanging Plant Earrings


A miniature hanging plant that sits just below your earlobe and is full of tiny leaves!

Size: the basket is about 1 cm wide and the whole earring is about 5.5 cm in length (including the hook).

Due to high demand, only one pair may be purchased per customer.

  • The 925 silver hooks may be slightly tarnished due to the long production time. I have polished them but some light spots may be visible. I might stop with the 925 silver option after this restock because of these issues.
  • Dutch orders are usually processed within 2 working days. International orders are usually processed within one week. Check the most up-to-date processing times here.
  • Handmade from lightweight, durable materials you can comfortably wear all day: polymer clay and stainless steel.
  • Due to current delays in international shipping, please expect at least 3 weeks of shipping time outside of the EU.
  • Not available for wholesale and reselling of these items is not allowed.
  • I have restricted purchasing to one pair per customer, because the demand is so extremely high. I apologize for any inconvenience but it seemed the fairest choice, seeing as there is about a 5% chance that you will be able to purchase a pair if you are on the waitlist. This would be much smaller if people were able to buy multiple pairs.