Mindful Leaf Earrings


Dangly leaf earrings with a contrasting vein pattern and a twisted shape, available in three colors. NEW: The “gold” option is a green leaf with gold stainless steel chain and earrings!

Size: 1.2 x 5.7 cm

  • Handmade from lightweight, durable materials you can comfortably wear all day: polymer clay and stainless steel.
  • Use the checkbox above if you would like 925 silver earrings instead of stainless steel. Note that the 925 silver earrings are a bit smaller than the stainless steel earrings in the photos. If you order 925 silver earrings with the "Gold" variation, you will get a mixed color pair with gold chain and silver earrings. If you don't want that, order the "Green" variation with 925 silver and your earring will be fully silver-colored :).
  • Part of the Mindfulness Collection, which highlights the symbolism of leaves and nature to inspire calm and presence. Read more here.
  • Dutch orders are usually processed within 2 working days. International orders are usually processed within one week. Check the most up-to-date processing times here.