I absolutely LOVE them! They are super cute, very well made, comfortable, and I also loved the packaging they arrived in. They arrived in excellent condition after traveling halfway around the world to get to me. The giraffe is my favorite animal and I’ve been searching for my ideal giraffe earrings and when I found yours I knew they were going to be very special to me. Thank you!


Gorgeous earrings! The colors are beautiful, they look exactly (or even better) than on the photos. They are pretty sturdy and very well-made. I received my order fast and have been wearing them every day since!


Such beautiful earrings. I am in love! And Susan is so kind and helpful.


(photo by Claymeleon to illustrate which earrings she is talking about)

Susan makes such beautiful jewelry! Lovely round shapes and vibrant colors, I ❤️ it! I bought the Ginkgo Biloba stud earrings and the christmas necklace with a mini gingerbread house. Such impressive details, Susan, your jewelry is like pieces of art!! Keep up the beautiful work!


My earrings were gifted to me for my birthday! They’re simply stunning! I can’t wait to wear them.

Susana A.

Beautiful, colourful earrings! I wear them almost every day because the material is so light and comfortable. Speedy delivery and lovely packaging. I’ll definitely order here again!


I fell in love with the blue colour. The quality of the earrings is great and they shine like true gemstones. I am a big fan of Claymeleon earrings!


They are finally here! I’ve been obsessed with these beautiful little plants earrings for ages and they are finally mine! I got so many compliments wearing them around the city today.


Beautiful handmade miniature works of art. Already have six pairs of Claymeleon earrings at home and there will probably be more to come! 


I love these earrings! Original and discreet! They are simply magnificent, finely executed, perfect for a casual look!


My favourite earrings! They are beautiful and it really seems like they are made of marble. Instead they are very light and comfortable, so you can wear them all day.


Fantastic earrings, you don’t even feel that you are wearing them, they are so light! The packaging is also super nice, I highly recommend it as a gift.


I love the earrings I recently purchased! They are original and of high quality and I also find the story of their creation very inspiring.


Lovely earrings, speedy delivery, beautiful packaging.


Love my new earrings😍 and the story behind them. Thank you Claymeleon!


Fantastic earrings, so playful, adorable and imaginative. Thanks a lot Claymeleon!


Do I love the earrings? I am in love with them…….didn’t wear earrings for years but when I saw this pair I fell in love😍 deeply in love! And so many people around me loves them too. I hope you will make more of this kind of amazing earrings…..I want to keep falling in love! Can’t wait for an update from your store.


(photo by Claymeleon to illustrate which earrings she is writing about)

I stopped wearing earrings because they always irritated my skin. But Claymeleon earrings are so lightweight that I can wear them all day! I love wearing earrings again and think they are really beautiful, thank you!


Love my Claymeleon earrings! They are so pretty. The marble pattern and the fact that they are handmade truly makes them one of a kind.


I love the gold colour and how lightweight and comfortable my earrings are. The leaf stud is my favorite and super cute!


I just received my new pair of earrings per mail and absolutely LOVE them 😁 And great quality too!


Beautiful lightweight earrings that don’t irritate my ears. Very nice color palette – it suits me perfectly!


I got my earrings today and I think they are stunning. Beautifully made and so light!


Claymeleon jewelry is made to bring moments of joy and acceptance to your day.

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